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Contest ended December 20th, 1998.

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"Wimmin's We Has Heared On High"
  by Sarabeth
(to the tune of Angles We Have Heard on High)

Wimmin's we has heared on high
Loudly singin' in the cove

And them gal-folks in reply
Swooning like a bunch in love




Neil MacNeil!

Show Us Your Handsome F-ace




Neil MacNeil!

Show Us Your Handsome F-ace

"We Wish You a Merry Christy Fest"
  by Sarabeth
(to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas")

We wish you a merry Christy-Fest!
We wish you a merry Christy-Fest!
We wish a merry Christy-Fest!

And a happy fanfic!

"She Came Upon A Snowy Morn"
  by Erin
(to the tune of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear)

She came upon a snowy morn
Her cheeks all flushed with cold
The shoes and dre-e-ess that she wore
Showed of her wealth untold
Peace in the cove was not to be
Since teacher came to stay
But children all around Cutter Gap
Found a best friend that day

I Wish you a Christy Christmas (3nd place winner)
  by Julie
(to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas")

I wish you a Christy Christmas,
I wish you a Christy Christmas,
I wish you a Christy Christmas
and a Happy New Year.
Thank you PAX, for bringing it back
we pray you'll make more episodes-
really fast.

We won't give up until we get them,
we won't give up until we get them,
we won't give up until we get them,
for we know God has a plan.

Christy's too good to not continue,
Christy's too good to not continue,
Christy's too good to not continue,
we solemnly state.

Oh, yes, we will keep waiting,
Oh, yes, we will keep waiting,
Oh, yes, we will keep waiting,
for we've been waiting so long.

We know it will return,
someday we will all cheer,
for new episodes of Christy
will finally be here!!

"I'll Be True To Neil"
  by Sarabeth
(to the tune of "I'll Be Home For Christmas")

As sung by Christy

I'm dreaming tonight
Of the man I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know
He has a wife
I promise you

I'll be true to Neil
He can count on me
Unlike Mags, that old hag
I'll be there when he needs me

Our wedding day will find us
When Margaret bites the dust
I'll be true to Neil
Though he never may be free

  by June
(to the tune of I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day)

(from Granny Barclay's viewpoint)

I heard the firecrackers in Cutter Gap,
Their loud noise disturbed my nap.
Crackin' and poppin', them Taylors are hoppin',
Celebrating Christmas so lawlessly.

There's Ault Allen firing a Roman candle,
I thought a gun was all he could handle.
The whoopin' and hollering, the children are a follerin',
There is no peace in Cutter Gap.

I looked out on the revelry,

They carried on so endlessly.
Nathan O'Teale with a lighted wheel,
Wish peace would come to Cutter Gap.

Then in the midst of all the merriment,

Preacher David appeared, was he heaven sent?
He took us by surprise, a beautiful display lit the skies,

Mary and Joseph and the Christ Child in Cutter Gap!

We stood in shock and saw the colors sparkle and shine,
It is forever imprinted in our minds.
The wild noise ceased, our hearts were pleased,
And peace did come to Cutter Gap!

Down Came the Fever
  by Susan and Sarah H.
(to the tune of Up on the House Top)

Down came the fever throughout the stream.
Stopping all the children's dreams.
"Don't share the water came Doctors shout".
As he ran up to his mount.


Help me please
Stop the disease
Help me please
Stop the disease
Get me some blankets now now now
Sterilize these instruments
shoo the parents out.

Verse 2-

Christy I'm sorry I didn't think it through
I didn't mean to yell at you.
Will you forgive me, oh please say yes.
I didn't mean to start this mess.


Verse 3-

Neil I forgive you, of course I do
I know you love the children too.
Then they embraced as they heard a shout
and saw Dan Scott running out.


Verse 4-

Dan Scott was carrying little Creed.
Who was plagued by the disease.
Everyone came rushing to his aid.
Eager to stop this feverish plague.


Verse 5-

Creed was convulsing by the time
Doctor rushed up to his side.
Everyone panicked except for Doc
Who gave Creed a big old shot.


Verse 6

Everyone thought that Creed was dead.
Except for Fairlight when she said
"I don't believe that Creed is gone"
Bowing their heads they prayed 'till dawn


Verse 7

Creed is alive now thanks to God.
He can play with Billy Tod.
Fever is over and all is well.
Hopefully there'll never be another spell.

Up at the Mission House
  by Julie
(to the tune of Up on the House Top)

Up at the Mission House Ruby Mae peers-
Through a window out the rear.
There she sees a possum drop to the ground,
and then it starts 'a scurrin' around.

Oh how happy she is;
you can tell,
for tonight's meal will be really swell.
Oh, Ruby Mae is thrilled indeed;
Miss Alice, Reverend, and Christy she'll be able to feed.

Now the task of capturing it,
oh how she wishes she could use a gun-
but since Miss Alice said,
"No you can't use one",
Ruby Mae will have to think of somethin'.

What about a slingshot that she could make real fast?
Oh, but no, that may not pass.
For this possum is a lively one,
if she doesn't catch him now,
he'll surely be gone.

So, Ruby Mae opens the door.
Oh, my, my, there are many more.
Now she'll be able to have her pick-
mmm, mmm, mmm...
she doen't have decide quick.

What to do when there are,
so many possum waitin' thar'?
Oh. Ruby Mae is so happ-y,
Dr. MacNeill she'll also be able to feed.

But, oh, oh, is it true?
Ruby Mae is really blue.
She didn't really see all those creatures;
she was 'a dreamin' during church "listnen'" to the preacher.

Tisk, tisk, tisk,
Ruby Mae, has fal-len asleep today.
Boy, oh boy, she's really in trouble...
she better skidaddle (sp?) on the double.

Christy, the Bright-eyed Gal
  by Julie
(to the tune of Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

Christy, a bright-eyed young lady,
heralded from Ashville way.
She came to Cutter Gap, to work at the Mission.
She knew she'd make a difference,
in the people's lives.
She sought to really teach them...about the important things in life.

It seems that the Cove folk taught her though, too.
'Bout many different things.
For she was a refined young lady,
not used to mountain things.

Fairlight became her best friend,
Miss Alice her role mod-el,
Ruby Mae always followed her around-
oh, is she would only go....

David wanted to be her beau;
Dr. MacNeill was interested, too.
Oh, if only we had more episodes,
I'd be able to complete this song...!

Christy, I Will
  by Summer
(to the tune of I Will)

Neil to Christy

Who knows how long I've loved you
I know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If Margaret will leave me alone, I will.****

When I first saw you in the Cove
I fell in love right there
I felt my life had meaning
I finally began to care.

Love you forever and forever
Love you through everything...
Margaret, diseases, and kidknapping,
Even David giving you a ring.

And when at last you decide
Come to my open arms
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me, oh you know
I Will.

  by Summer
(to the tune of Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

You know Mountie, and Zady, Rob Allen, John Spencer,
Lulu, and Lundy, Little Burl, Sam Houston,
But do you recall
The most mischevious kid of them all....

Creed Allen the mischevious boy
Had a great 'specially fine 'coon
But Miz Christy wouldn't let him bring it
'Til the last day of school

Dan Scott carved some animals
Little Creed wanted the fox
Then Miss Christy scolded him
And he ran away

**(change in tune/stanza) (then one foggy Christmas eve...)
Then all the children became sick,
With the scarlet fever
David said, "hey, where is that Creed?"
And Miz Christy and Dan went to find him...

They found him in the river,
And he was awfully hot,
Dan cooled him off,
And brought him to Doc MacNeil

Creed was in awful shape,
So MacNeil gave him a shot,
Everyone thought he was dead,
But Fairlight said, "No he's not!!!"

All of the people prayed,
And then dear Creed woke up,
Everyone was so grateful,
They were so happy!!!!
they were soooo haaaapppppy!

Christmas MIDIs acquired from Jack's Shack.

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