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Don't worry, most of these are just common sense ;-)

Filksongs: songs written by fans who have replaced the words of a popular tune with words of their own. 

Contest ends December 20th.

Christmas and non-Christmas filksongs are also eligible!

If it all possible please include the mid file for your song.

If you ever want to make changes to your song, simply e-mail me the new version (before the 20th to be considered for the contest).

Now for the prizes!

First prize - christy video of their choice.
(winner of this prize was Chris Musslin for his song "Christy Wonderland")

Second Place Prize - a christy book
(winner of this prize was Regina for her song "Doc MacNeill Rocks")

Third Place Prize - a photo.
(winner of this prize was Julie for her song "I wish you a Christy Christmas")

Thank you for taking part! Good Luck!